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When its Time to Remove a Tree

Trees may be a great addition to your property, with all the cooling, shading, and decorative benefits that they provide, but once some parts of the plant start drooping and decaying – that’s going to be a huge problem. It may start with you scratching off a small bark that reveals a brownish layer, but soon enough the realization kicks in: you need to remove the tree soon.

Which isn’t as simple as it sounds. DIY tree removal may be a thing but having to climb up a tree with more than a chainsaw and a couple of tools can be very dangerous and time-consuming. But it isn’t the case when it comes to hiring a professional tree removal company – with a simple phone call, you can contact a professional arborist to flawlessly do the job for you. The real question is: when is it time to make that call? Luckily, we’re here to help as we provide you with these telltale signs that your greens are probably due for a tree removal.

1. There are unnecessary growths on the base of the tree

One of the first signs of decay can be found along the exterior roots and the base of the trunk – surprisingly not at the tree itself. Mushrooms, shoots, and other outgrowths growing around it are the things to keep an eye out for. It’s the result of too much stress and disturbance around the soil, and you might not want to turn a blind eye on a decaying set of roots for far too long – contact a tree removal service like us ASAP.

2. The tree bark is chipping or loosening

Most trunks may have a rough exterior look to it due to the nature of tree barks, but a closer inspection will have you pointing out the clear difference between a healthy tree and a tree looking for trouble. Red flags located at the trunk include the wood starting to chip off, having noticeable cracks and swelling along the surface, and spotting the first indications of rotting inside, telling you that it may not last longer. If you’re still unsure whether the condition of your trees is dire enough for a tree removal, you can always call up a skilled tree expert to inspect your tree and do all the assessment to help you make the decision.

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3. Dying twigs and branches

Once you start spotting lesser leaves and living buds on the upper branches of your tree, as well as large scaffold branches everywhere, then that’s a serious sign that the plant is most likely dying soon. It is important to deal with these immediately through tree trimming or pruning, because no matter the size of the tree branch, you never know their potential risk until it comes snapping off and hurtling down during a severe weather.

4. The tree is damaged

Strong storms and wind currents are sometimes inevitable, and with trees being one of the first layers of protection around your property, they are also the first to shoulder the damage. Severely damaged trees – with the huge cracks, dangerous tilt, and a hollow trunk – are in need of a quick tree removal to avoid causing further harm around your property. Maybe add in a quality tree stump removal completely clear your yard and start anew.